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During the pregnancy, we take our time to listen to you and your partner and to answer any questions that you might have. We think it is important to get to know you. A midwife who knows her clients well, is more capable of detecting changes and adequately responding to these changes.

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Mundo Plus package

The midwives at Mundo Vroedvrouwen want to give you confidence in your own strength during pregnancy, childbirth and the maternity period. Our experience has taught us that both pregnancy and childbirth go more smoothly if you have more (self) confidence in this.

The Mundo Plus package

Fertility consultation

Fertility consultation is especially for women who want to get pregnant, in the near or distant future. During a fertility consultation, we discuss the health of the parents and we look for factors that could affect the health of a future baby.

Fertility consultation


In China, acupuncture has been a way to manage and to fix physical and mental health problems for thousands of years. Because many people benefit from it, it is also increasingly popular in the Western world.

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Pelvic pain

During pregnancy, you can have problems with your pelvis. These problems can hinder your daily life. Pelvic pain is treatable.

How to help with pelvic pain

Pelvic floor seminar

Eveline van de Ven of Balans in Bewegen has an online seminar for (expectant) mothers. We think this seminar is a real addition to your preparation for childbirth. Due to more knowledge of the pelvic floor, we also expect a better recovery of the pelvic floor after childbirth.


Dietary and nutritional advice

ElƩonore de Merode from Diƫtistenpraktijk Wassenaar is available every Friday afternoon for consultations at our practice on the Scheveningseweg. She is avaliable for all questions relating to nutrition.

What and how to eat

Babywearing consultant

Babies that have just been born crave physical contact. Physical contact enables attachment and ensures that your child feels safe. From this safe haven, your baby will discover and get to know his or her surroundings. Babywearing facilitates these needs of your child.

Wearing your baby

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massages can be given from three months (the second trimester) until the last day of the pregnancy. Are there any complications which make you doubt if a pregnancy massage is something for you? Please consult your midwife first.

Pregnancy massage

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