Information on giving birth in The Hague

We notice that many parents-to-be like to prepare well for the birth. Mundo Vroedvrouwen has therefore developed a 2-hour meeting. During this meeting we will discuss questions that are regularly asked to us during obstetric checkups. Like no other, we understand that when you go into labor for the first time, you don't really know what to expect. We also know that every birth is different.


March 9 2023 - 20.00 uur (Dutch)
Send an e-mail to: info@mundo-vroedvrouwen.nl to sign up.
Cost: € 20,00

Online seminar: Giving birth in The Hague

Because we, as midwives, will actually be present during the delivery, we think that the information meeting provides honest information and will help you to make certain choices.

During the information meeting, we will explain what happens during a natural delivery. We will explain how you can positively influence a delivery. However, we know that a delivery can only partially be influenced. That is why we also tell you what the most common reasons are to refer you to a gynecologist and what the chances are of that happening. We elaborate on the choices you have during your delivery.

We hope to welcome you and your partner at one of our information meetings.


The subjects we will discuss are:

  • Your preparation for the delivery
  • The different phases of the delivery
  • How to positively influence the delivery
  • Different options for pain management during the delivery and which options are available in the hospitals
  • The differences between giving birth in the birth clinic, the hospital or at home
  • The role of the partner
  • The role of the midwife and the chance of a referral to a gynaecologist
  • The post-partum period

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