Babywearing consultant

Babies that have just been born crave physical contact. Physical contact enables attachment and ensures that your child feels safe. From this safe haven, your baby will discover and get to know his or her surroundings. Babywearing facilitates these needs of your child.

How do you know if you have a proper sling or baby carrier? And is your baby safe in this sling or carrier? What should you pay attention to as a parent? Parents that have no or little experience with babywearing often have many such questions. These questions are understandable, since there are so many slings and baby carriers.

Five benefits of babywearing

  • It is easy to keep your baby close for a long time.
  • Direct physical contact calms your baby and improves his or her sleep.
  • Babywearing can lead to a lower chance of reflux and colic.
  • You are better able to divide your attention between your baby and any other children.
  • Practical: your hands are empty.

Babywearing is safe

The babywearing consultant will come to your home. The content of the consultation is determined by your goals and the possibilities. She will teach you some basic principles and tricks and give you some advice that is not mentioned in a user manual or tutorial. She will teach you the proper way to make a secure tie and to wear your baby in an ergonomic and secure way. She is always available for questions, even if these questions arise after a consultation. She can teach you the following:

  • A type of baby wrapping called ‘front wrap cross carry’
  • Wraps: stretchy or woven
  • Ring sling
  • Mei Tai
  • Classic carriers
  • Backpack carriers
  • Double Hammock (with a woven cloth)

Consultation on babywearing (60 euro, including taxes)

During a consultation, the babywearing consultant will teach you how to make a secure tie. She will teach you the technique from beginning to end. The purpose of the consultation is to teach you the ergonomic and safe usage of the sling or carrier. Since the consultation is one-on-one, there is plenty of opportunity to ask your questions about babywearing. The babywearing consultant will use a doll to introduce the slings and carriers and to demonstrate how to make a secure tie.

Duo consultation on babywearing (80 euro, including taxes)

p>Would you like to learn how to make a secure tie, together with your partner, a friend or someone else? The babywearing consultant can teach you the techniques to make a secure tie from beginning to end. She will use a doll to demonstrate how to do so.

For more information and to make an appointment, please contact Miriam van Oostende, one of our (locum tenens) midwives. You will receive a call from us if you send an e-mail toinfo@mundo-vroedvrouwen.nl with your name and phone number.

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