The team - vision

It is important to us to make women feel confident about their own strength during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Experience has taught us that more self-confidence will lead to less complications during the pregnancy and the birth. Self-confidence will help you relax. It is very important to us that each woman should give birth in the way she chooses - at home or in a hospital, with or without analgesia - just the way she wants it. Our goal is that a woman can look back at her pregnancy, birth and postpartum period and feel satisfied. We will discuss with you what you need to achieve this goal.


During the pregnancy, we take our time to listen to you and your partner and to answer any questions that you might have. We think it is important to get to know you.

A midwife who knows her clients well, is more capable of detecting changes and adequately responding to these changes.


l.t.r. Miriam, Sylke, Lieve, Michelle and Roos

Sylke Keizer

Sylke Keizer - Midwife

Before joining Mundo in 2009, Sylke worked as a clinical midwife at a hospital for 6 years. Her job was to assist in high-risk births. She teaches FitZwanger, an antenatal course based on fitness. Sylke is one of the co-authors of a textbook on giving birth: ‘Obstetric Interventions’ (2010). Since March 2011, she is specialized in acupuncture during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. Sylke also speaks German fluently. Sylke Keizer participates in the Alliance of Midwives (VSV) of the MCH-Hospital and in the VSV of MCH - Bronovo Hospital.

BIG registration number: 39059964503

Roos Gelauf

Roos Gelauff - Midwife

When she started working at Mundo Midwives in 2013, Roos Gelauff worked 2 years as a locum tenens midwife. Since 2016, she is a permanent member of our team. Roos is fluent in Dutch and Portuguese. Before Roos became a midwife, she finished her study Portuguese Language and Culture at Utrecht University. During her study midwifery, she gained work experience at the Diaconesse Hospital in Paramaribo (Suriname). Roos parcitipates in the Alliance of Midwives (VSV) of the Haga Hospital.

BIG registration number: 89916259503

Michelle Beijerinck

Michelle Beijerinck MsC - Midwife

Michelle has been working at Mundo since 2005. She is certified to do fertility consultations. She combines her passion for the job with an academic interest in the quality of obstetric care in the Netherlands. She finished a Masters in Health Policy & Management at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Her Master thesis was a qualitative study of integral obstetric care. She participates in the Alliance of Midwives (VSV) of the hospitals in the Haaglanden area and Delft.

BIG registration number: 29063992203

Both Sylke Keizer and Michelle Beijerinck are certified Hypnobirthing teachers.

Lieve Soek

Lieve Soek - Midwife

Lieve has been working at Mundo Vroedvrouwen since April 2019 as a Midwife. Her educational background started in Amsterdam during the study Obstetrics. During her study, Lieve performed a qualitative research by investigating the motives of women to choose for water birth. After, Lieve finished her postgraduate education Homeopathic Obstetrics. This offers an added value for her work as a Midwife.

BIG registration number: 19922376203

Miriam van Oostende

Miriam van Oostende - Midwife

Miriam has been working at Mundo Vroedvrouwen since 2016 as a Midwife. Her study obstetrics was in Rotterdam, where she researched the choices women make regarding ultrasounds during pregnancy. She is also a certified ultrasound technician. Miriam is a baby carrier consultant.

BIG registration number: 89921738103

Inge Kole

Inge Kole - Assistant

Inge has been an assistant at our practice since 2004; she is the hostess of our practice. She is the one who makes the appointments, who answers your questions and who ensures continuity in the practice when the midwives are assisting births or making home visits. She works on Monday and Tuesday. She speaks Dutch, English and German.

Caroline de Vreede - de Bruin

Caroline de Vreede - de Bruin - Assistant

Caroline has been an assistant and hostess at our practice since March 2016. Like Inge, she makes appointments, answers your questions and ensures continuity in the practice when our midwives are assisting births or making home visits. She works on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She speaks Dutch and English.

Obstetric care in the media

Dutch birth care has a prominent position in the news. This is because our health care system is unique, since it consists of both midwives and gynecologists. Additionally, home births for low-risk pregnancies are possible. The media often discusses integral obstetric care, which is a health care system that allows close cooperation between midwives and gynecologists.

Mundo midwives emphasize the importance of a close cooperation with the gynecologist. That is why Michelle Beijerinck takes part in a committee for obstetric working arrangements in the Hague and Delft. This committee consists of a fixed team of gynecologists (HMC Westeinde hospital, Bronovo hospital, Haga-Leyenburg hospital and Reinier de Graaf hospital) and midwives. The committee implements uniform working arrangements, in which pregnant women have a central position and first-line and second-line care are done justice. Our practice also takes part in the meetings of the Alliance of Midwives of the HMC hospitals - Bronovo and Haga hospital.

Unfortunately we also read a lot of articles that describe untruths about Dutch birth care. Fortunately, birth care is carefully evaluated by specialists that are intrinsically connected to birth care. They conclude that the Dutch birth care is currently well organized and that home births for low-risk pregnancies, that are under the supervision of an independent midwife, are just as safe as outpatient deliveries in the hospital.


We consider it important to contribute to the education of future midwives. That is why Mundo Midwives allows midwifery students from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to do an internship at our practice.

The students assist during pregnancy checkups, the delivery and our home visits during the postpartum period. When our students are present, there will always be some introductory information about them in the waiting area of the practice.

During the first-year internships, students will observe during all proceedings. This way they can get a good idea of what midwifery entails. The second-year students observe and gradually take on more practical tasks. Third-year students start working more independently. The fourth year is the last year and students will therefore do the checkups themselves and assist in the deliveries. We are always present and ultimately responsible.

If you object to a student being present during our appointments or during birth, you can let us know at any time. We will always take your wishes into account.

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