Costs of obstetric care

Obstetric care is the care for mother and child during the pregnancy, child birth and the postpartum period. The care will be given by the midwife and/or the (resident) gynaecologist. The costs for obstetric care are covered by the Dutch basic health insurance. Costs for care before and after the pregnancy might be (partly) subtracted from the deductible.

Mundo Midwives has contracts with all Dutch health insurance companies. Our practice receives payment directly from your health insurance company. Most foreign health insurance companies cover the costs of obstetric care at our midwifery practice. We will send the declaration to you and not to your foreign health insurance. Please pay us directly and ask your insurance for reimbursement.

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Some costs for care during the pregnancy and the postpartum period are not billed by Mundo Midwives, but by other caregivers. For instance, medication or additional laboratory tests. If you have an uncomplicated birth in the hospital, you will have to pay a personal contribution of € 336,00 (2023). The personal contribution for maternity care at home is € 4.30 per hour (on average, a mother gets 49 hours of maternity care). Most supplementary insurances cover these costs as well. For more information, please vist the website de-verloskundige; kosten verloskundige zorg. Please note that this website is only available in Dutch.


Obstetric care
Ultrasonic testing by SHL
Laboratory testing (see Pregnancy)

The costs for laboratory blood tests for pregnant women are subtracted from the deductible. Our practice facilitates all ultrasounds, the costs of which are covered by the Dutch basic health insurance.

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