Loss in pregnancy

Ceremonify is there for you when you have found yourself in a place of grief. In pregnancy the unexpected can happen (a miscarriage/stillbirth). But also a loss of a parent can hit you in these special times. You need to navigate through these complex feelings in a society in which grief is still a taboo subject. Let me help you find your way and integrate this loss into your life.

When you experience a loss, lots of feelings are released. It’s a movement through your body. Mourning in this western society is a big challenge. We’re not used to these big emotions. It takes a lot of energy to take time and space to experience these feelings, in your physical and emotional body. Society is built to move on and go back to ‘normal’. While for you ‘normal’ doesn’t exist anymore.

A pregnancy and birth can trigger a lot of processes. For example, the loss of a parent who isn’t going to be a grandmother or granddad for your child. 1 or more miscarriages where the grief couldn't fully be expressed at the time, can trigger feelings of fear and anxiety for loss. Birth and death are inseparable in life. Intense feelings of joy also can trigger emotions of grief. The grief, most of the time, disappears to the background.

There are different interventions I offer to make space for your mourning.

There are community-based services:

  • Monday Mourning (donation based): where you can come over and have a coffee and feel normal amongst other mourners.
  • Grief Circles: once every month there is a gathering where we share our grief experience in a small group. Every month has a different theme.

Breathwork/Somatic work (1h coaching):

  • You learn ‘the skill’ mourning and how you can let your body work for you while you experience big feelings of grief. This is very suitable with an experience of recent loss.

The ceremonies

These are extensive trajectories where we dive deep into your past and bring this back to the here and now. Loss from the past can hold you back to fully enjoy your life. Most of the time this occurs unconsciously. In this Ceremony your past is integrated in the present. So, you make space for your desires and you will experience more peace in your life, in the now.

If you have any questions or want more information about her work, you can contact Susanne per email or phone.


Susanne Dikken is a grief expert. She has a background in physical therapy. Her current expertise lies in breathwork, hypnosis and energy work/somatic work. Her interventions are body-oriented and designed to open to yourself and your feelings. There you can find healing.

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