Workshop: Pure, Pain & Partner

The name of this birthcourse might sound a bit disturbing to you. Yet it is a valuable birthcourse to every couple. Preparation for birth is whole lot more than focusing on the physical part or knowledge and information. Giving birth and becoming a parent is also a mental en emotional process. And therefor Prepartion for birth should also contains these parts. This course is designed by a Dutch midwife for couples whom want a complete preparation.

Dates: 20-04-2024, 25-05-2024, 29-06-2024


Effortless childbirth simply does not exist. Unfortunately, many pregnant women are searching for it.

Relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, different positions – they are there to enable you to better cope with your contractions or to push.

But did you know that the technique alone doesn't determine how you will experience childbirth? Your mindset and that of your partner also play a significant role in the childbirth experience.

The childbirth course "Puur Pijn en Partner" sheds light on your mindset and that of your partner, providing you with a positive boost and tools to positively influence each other's mindset during pregnancy. "Puur Pijn en Partner" is the coaching preparatory course for all pregnant women and their partners.

Birthcourse: 28 February 2024 6:30 - 10:00 pm

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