Mundo Plus package

The midwives at Mundo Vroedvrouwen want to give you confidence in your own strength during pregnancy, childbirth and the maternity period. Our experience has taught us that both pregnancy and childbirth go more smoothly if you have more (self) confidence in this.

During pregnancy, your body and mind undergo a major transformation. This can go hand in hand with physical complaints, restlessness and stress. We have put together a care package specifically for pregnant women. We can help you feel good and strong in your changing body. We can teach you to be more in touch with your body. So that you can relax faster and easier during childbirth and give birth with confidence.


This Mundo Plus package was created by passionate care providers, who are convinced that together we can provide much better care to mothers and expectant mothers.

Our obstetric care fits seamlessly with the care provided by Balans in Movement, Perinatal physiotherapy, Pacha Mama, Bearing power, acupuncture by Sylke and the workshops and lectures that give you all the information you need to be pregnant, give birth and experience the postpartum period with strength and confidence. All this care under one roof! With care providers who work together intensively and know you.

The Mundo Plus package offers a total package to prepare you for a pleasant pregnancy, delivery and maternity period. We wish thos for every woman.

Strong back and pelvis

How can you prevent pelvic pain and low back pain, how do you ensure that you can continue to move smoothly during pregnancy? How can you carry your belly comfortably? We can give you a lot of information specifically tailored to your body. We developed 3 Mundo modules!

Pelvic therapy

For all (expectant) mothers, the pelvis and your pelvic floor, there is so much to gain if we have more contact with this area. We are sure that if all pregnant women receive a consultation with Sofia as standard, we will have much less to do with pain complaints caused by the pelvis.


Major hormonal and physical changes in your body require shiatsu massages. The massages have a pain-relieving effect, improve blood circulation, drain moisture, soothe and provide relaxation. During the shiatsu massages there is special attention for your breathing and you learn breathing techniques that you can use specifically around childbirth.


Acupuncture has been a method in China for thousands of years to relieve and/or remedy physical psychological complaints. Because many people benefit from this, it is also becoming increasingly popular in Western countries. It is an easy and harmless method to treat common pregnancy complaints. Because you can hardly use any medication during pregnancy, acupuncture is a good alternative. The effect of acupuncture has been scientifically proven in several international studies.

Carrying capacity

Sports and being pregnant! We help you stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy and after childbirth.


1. The information meeting about what you need to know about childbirth: from childbirth positions to your mindset to methods of pain relief: You will receive a link to the information video during your pregnancy. There are no costs for this access.

2. The online pelvic floor seminar. For (expectant) mothers we have an online seminar as a real addition to your preparation for childbirth. Due to more knowledge of the pelvic floor, we also expect a better recovery of the pelvic floor after childbirth. We are sure that during this seminar you will learn things that you did not know before.

3. The breastfeeding meetings via Zoom or Instagram. Do you want to breastfeed your baby soon? Then we would like to invite you to the breastfeeding course. This information is not only informative, but above all extremely practical.

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