Pelvic pain

During pregnancy, you can have problems with your pelvis. These problems can hinder your daily life. Pelvic pain is treatable.

Both Eveline van der Ven and Sofia Quintana treat pelvic pain at our practice. Eveline van der Ven from Balans in Bewegen offers Cesar therapy. Sofia Quitana is our physical therapist.

Cesar therapy

Eveline van der Ven
06 - 28 31 06 59
Eveline works on Monday and Thursday.

Eveline van der Ven (who works at Balans in Bewegen) treats patients with pelvic pain according to the method of Cecile Rost. The main goal of this treatment is not to manage the pain, but to able to use your body as efficiently as before. The pain will subside as soon as your body works as it should.

The most common symptom of pelvic pain is persistent pain. Sometimes the pain is sharp; sometimes it causes a burning or lingering sensation. The pain is located around the pelvis: tail bone, lower back, pubic bone, thighs and groin. The pain can also radiate to other parts of the legs or up, towards the neck.

Pelvic pain during pregnancy is caused by ligaments becoming looser and weaker. Also, connective tissue and muscles become more supple. These changes are necessary to help enlarge the birth canal during birth. Due to the instability, however, the bones surrounding the pelvis can shift and end up in a wrong position. This shift causes pelvic pain.

Pelvic floor therapy

Sofia Quitana
06 - 83 07 09 01
Sofia works on Monday till friday.

Sofia is an orthopedic pelvic floor physiotherapist. She is specialised in the recovery of the muscles in the pelvic floor and the treatment of pregnancy-related pelvic pain. She uses the Röst method for this treatment. Sofia has followed many refresher courses in the fields of pelvic floor physiotherapy and pre- and postnatal corrective exercises. Sofia is Spanish and speaks Spanish, English, French and Dutch. Sofia’s practice is in the same building as Mundo Midwives. If you want to make an appointment, you can contact Sofia directly at sofia@perinatalphysio.com.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is an effective and scientifically proven effective therapy to treat pelvic pain in the period around and after pregnancy and the delivery. Specific techniques based on the Röst method can alleviate pelvic pain and allow you to move freely again. For this purpose, Sofia uses a mix of manual therapy, taping and corrective exercises. This mix of techniques will support the improvement of the flexibility of the joints and help you conquer your fear, such that you can get back to your daily routine with confidence and without pain. During your appointment, you will get custom-made advice and learn methods to turn in bed without pain and to walk without pain.

For more information check www.bekkentherapie.nl

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