Being pregnant

Each woman is different and therefore, each pregnancy is different. The first trimester of pregnancy is characterized by a hormonal change. It could well be that the absence of your period is the only sign of a pregnancy, but it could also be that you clearly notice that your body is adapting to changes due to the pregnancy.

Being pregnant

The first appointment

If the result of your pregnancy test is positive, you can call us to make a first appointment. You can also register by filling in the digital registration form on our website. A first appointment usually takes place when you are between 8 and 10 weeks pregnant.

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Your body will undergo big changes during your pregnancy. We will schedule regular pregnancy checkups to determine whether these physical changes still correspond to the normal course of pregnancy. Your health is the main focus of our care.

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All medical pregnancy ultrasounds can be made at our midwifery practice on the Scheveningseweg. We know that many pregnant women and their partners look forward to these ultrasounds and that it is a very special moment to be able to see the baby in advance.

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Prenatal screening

Prenatal screening allows us to estimate the chance that your baby has certain defects. The higher the age of the mother, the higher the risk of these defects. During the first appointment, we will give you elaborate information, and we will answer your questions. It can be a difficult decision whether or not to do prenatal screening.

Prenatal screening

Lifestyle advice

If you are or want to get pregnant, we recommend that you have a healthy and balanced diet. This is important for you as a mother-to-be, because such a diet will give you more energy during your pregnancy. Subsequently, you will be stronger when you have to give birth.

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Information on giving birth in The Hague

We notice that many parents-to-be like to prepare well for the birth. Mundo Vroedvrouwen has therefore developed a 2-hour meeting. During this meeting we will discuss questions that are regularly asked to us during obstetric checkups.

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Sometimes a pregnancy ends differently than you had hoped for or expected. Twenty percent of all pregnant women experience vaginal bleeding in the first 16 weeks of their pregnancy. Ultimately, 10 percent of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage.

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When to call

If you are worried, have concerns or persistent complaints, please contact us. You can always check in early or we can reassure you.

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Many pregnant women look for information about pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Such information can be found on the Internet, but not every resource is reliable. For this reason, the midwives of Mundo Midwives have selected a number of reliable and informative websites.

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